Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frighten the Horses

HEY LOOK! I'm making some vidge yo art! Dig me. I blog, and now create videos. TECHNOLOGICAL PRESENCE BAaaaaaaaaAAABES! Next I'll have an iphone and wear silver (ON MY TEEF BLUD).

I was invited by the people who have organised Frighten the Horses to create a collage of youtubes, with hirarious arty results, yo! *please note i made up the result section of that sentence, and i'm not sure why i'm feeling so gansta on this thursday morning but i'm going to GO WITH IT. If I'm honest, I am more hoping to lean upon the hirarious portion of this invented sentence section, as my 'talent' for video work stems from my 'responding' to a reading on Luce Irigaray during my masters by doing a hula dance with a video camera in my garden. THIS IS GOING TO GO WELL.

I'll be sampling from this video, amongst MANY MANY others...

It's ten beans in, BYOB, eh, MEN ARE PLAYING!!!!!!, aaaaaaand it's not sold out YET so hurry hurry! See you there! We can kiss! On the mouth! With the love saliva! IT IS GOING TO BE WONNNNNNNNDERFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!