Monday, July 26, 2010

GAZE After Party

Mimi by Laughlin McKee

Gaze After Party Presents; OVER THE RAINBOW

Here's imagery of ONLY SOME the ridey DJs you can expect at The Academy this Friday the 30th of July. Just looking at them is almost enough. but dancing for them too. WELL NOW. That's something we'll all enjoy. a little too much perhaps. Great exercise is dancing anywho. cough. What do you mean I'm blushing BLOG? YOU DON'T KNOW ME.

Photo of the beautiful Peter Fingleton (Expect to hear his choons after 1am) provided by the wonderful and always insatiably stylish Eimear Fitzmaurice and all the rest are by the good Peter himself.

Una Mullally is Deejaying at 12.30am

See Ian's delightful bop from 11pm

Conor Beho will be rocking my britney pants off from 10.15

Check out Deejays SWISHITUP too, they throw jewels and glitter out to the crowd, and I've been very impressed by their tune-age at recent CaKe slots.

There's concessions for anyone with a GAZE film ticket stubb, and there'll be a series of Drag and burlesque performances which I'll post up more aboot later in the week.

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