Monday, July 26, 2010



I am most honoured to share a birthday with this young man. A fine pair of arms he has, young Padraig Moran, quite the penchant for midweek pints and midnight charlies, and oh, yes, the best writer I know. (Don't tell him I said that though, his big head may spread to my boobs. I'm keeping it high brow don't chew know...) Here are some ridiculous posters I made for him as a thank you for him filling me to the BRIM with meat, and I don't mean in a sexy way, I mean in a BBQ way - YOU DISGUST ME. Do have a goo at his blog by clicking on his name up there. It's mah fave.

Still moderately inebriated and having experienced the worst hangover in my existence, (I SHAKE AND I SHAKE BUT IT WON'T COME OFFFFFFFFF). I can safely say that my birthday was THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY, including midnight crowd surfing, two morning Mc Weeney fries(or is it frys? oh lots of sausies and puddin's anyways, nom nom), missed flower deliveries, wearing life jackets (swooning at Lorna Mc Weeney's HUFF in a lifejacket), canal cruising in aforementioned lifejackets, bar bee que ing with copious champagne, a disconappy costume change, THE WORLDS MOST WONDERFUL CABARET SHOW, and dance dance dancing till I pass pass passed out.

A huge great thanky warmy snuzzley spooney hug first and foremost to the wonderful Mimi Rouge, then of course, Peter Dunne, Fanci Shmancy, Ian Finnerty(THAT CAKE OHHH THE CAKE!), Richard Conway, Lisa Connell, Ciarán Rua, Stephen Quinn, Neil Watkins, Paddy Fagan, the Frenchies for my Spicey Flower, Lorcan Devaney for that tremendous cáca milis, Gerry Leeleeeleeee for coming all the way over and creating such a lifelike image of me in his fancy dress gown, Lorna Mc Weeney for treating me like a Mc Queenie, and of course Not Forgetting Padraig Moran, whom I FORGOT to sing Happy Birthday to as I was far too busy singing it TO MYSELF in a breathy Marilyn accent(Hi FEAR! taaaanks for reminding me!) Obviously it was amazing to have so many of my lovely friends there too, and I weeally approssiotod it SO I DID. thankthankthanks. kay i'll shurrup now. x

Full photos here;

aaaaaaaaaaand HERE;

and here's a few of my most faves if you're too lazy to click the linkies!

GAZE After Party

Mimi by Laughlin McKee

Gaze After Party Presents; OVER THE RAINBOW

Here's imagery of ONLY SOME the ridey DJs you can expect at The Academy this Friday the 30th of July. Just looking at them is almost enough. but dancing for them too. WELL NOW. That's something we'll all enjoy. a little too much perhaps. Great exercise is dancing anywho. cough. What do you mean I'm blushing BLOG? YOU DON'T KNOW ME.

Photo of the beautiful Peter Fingleton (Expect to hear his choons after 1am) provided by the wonderful and always insatiably stylish Eimear Fitzmaurice and all the rest are by the good Peter himself.

Una Mullally is Deejaying at 12.30am

See Ian's delightful bop from 11pm

Conor Beho will be rocking my britney pants off from 10.15

Check out Deejays SWISHITUP too, they throw jewels and glitter out to the crowd, and I've been very impressed by their tune-age at recent CaKe slots.

There's concessions for anyone with a GAZE film ticket stubb, and there'll be a series of Drag and burlesque performances which I'll post up more aboot later in the week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


BEHOLD the Magnificent MIMI ROUGE.

I am most honoured to call her my STAGE MOM/MONKAT/one of my most FAVES in the world. And she has really humbled me by organising a magnificent birthday party for me to coincide with the next PARTIE MONSTER. This Saturday the 24th of July in The Sugar Club, which happens, luckily (I'm a very lucky girly) to be my birthday... In her words, she is taking inspiration from me... START EATING PIES QUICK. No no, what this means is that other than a stomping club night there will also be a mini cabaret including;
Expect subversive, raunchy, shocking and titillating performances from some of my ABSOLUTE FAVES. weeeeeeeee!

Then on to the Dancey bit;


A few people have asked me about dress code;

If it is an evening taking inspiration from Mackey (now i know that sounds narcissistic but IT ACTUALLY WASN'T ME who came up with the theme!! GOD THIS BLOGGING KEEPS GETTING MORE EMBARRASSING) but for me that means kinda retro glam sexy absurd, plenty of cleavage PLENTY of eyeliner and LOTS OF SMILES... but as long as you're happy and feel gorgeous that's good enough for me!!!!!!!! And if you're there that's the very best bit. x

Here's a foo outfits i've sported at partie monsters of old...; mostly boobs and facepaint if we're honest...

check out and for real inspiration and INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHY from two of my most beautiful friends Peter Fingleton and Fionn Kidney. who are responsible for the majority of the photies i post on this here ramblestation.... and they're fucking RIDES too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

áit AIT - a love story

I go all smooshy swooshy, but not in a ROMCOM way, when i speak about áit AIT. The first time I met Mags and Ciarán they had come to my mid year MA show in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. Quite the dapper pair they were. They remind me of the comforting scent of cinnamon and almonds. Each time I encounter them, I feel at ease, entertained with eloquent rants (-see Ciarán), and ready for a glass of red wine the size of my face. (Usually it's white, but this is the impact they have on me!! life changing as you can see.) Anyways, luckily they mistook my work for something remotely intelligent and kindly invited me to exhibit my work at their new club night. And such began my love affair with a night club.

There's a certain energy about áit AIT that I've always admired. They're creative and intelligent, they have ethics when it comes to only playing what they deem as good music (at times this can unfortunately involve part of The Little Mermaid soundtrack, but we forgive them as they're so ruddy ruvery) their tremendous bakery skills, but personally I believe it's the welcoming environment they create each month that involves them getting such a dedicated and wholehearted following. Always welcoming, Ciarán Rua ensures he is roaming with his wee smiley head, and has a mischievous glint in his eye in the knowledge that his plotted surprises of the evening are afoot. They theme each month, more of a source of entertainment and inspiration for themselves, as to what surprises to plot really, rather than a dress code like SUCH incrediballs nights as PARTIE MONSTER, which I'll speak about later, and at length, with equal amounts of gush... there is an element of 'cool' to the evening at áit AIT. by that i mean hip happening. and BY THAT by that i mean i sound like a spa. but how and ever. WHAT I'M REALLY trying to SAY, is that the gays that go dress well, have very specific music tastes and look really beautiful. Of course, once everyone gets a bit wibbly after a few shandies they look even better as they're now shiney from sweaty dancing and spilled pints, or in the case of Will St Legers birthday a bottle of prosecco showering the crowd...

In my personal experience of Gay Dublin (Gublin if you will), it was the first experience I had of feeling comfortable in a Gubbly environ (if i will, oh i will, gubbling all over, babes), I mean, the music was good, the people were sexy, the dancing was ridiculous, and I felt simultaneously at ease, overexcited, and RANDY, but sure, I'm always randy, so there's no change there really. It was my introduction to a world of alternative nights with merit to their musicality and creativity to their methods of orchestrating entertainment, all inevitably leading to the alco you see before you on this here bloglington.

Anywhoodle, the next one is fast approaching. (I'll be DJing, which is nice for me.) This Friday, which happens to be my birthday EVE. which means at midnight I expect champagne to be showered over me. Kaythanksbuy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

delicate... delicacies. sensitivity. and humans i cherish

AhhhhhnyOk I'll BE HONEST. I may have imbibed a smidgeen. I maaay have danced like a spa. I may have danced like a spa with the worlds SMILEYest man. His name is Alan and I love him forever. These are all not unusual though, the spa holeyness, the imbibery, the falling in love, as you well know, if you well know me, which i'm sure you well do, as i can't well even imagine anyone who doesn't know me having any remote desire to read my drivel. Oooh tangent. Anywho, What is moderately unusual is my crazed rages, my stomping around in my shoes (filled with holes), my impatience and my oversensitivity.

Mother Macken is unwell you see. She suffered from a very serious case of bowel cancer and commenced the six month poopy trip of chemotherapy on Wednesday. She's wonderful. I. However. Am a Mess. Oh I'm disgustingly going with that whole confessional Blogosphere monstrosity I hear people (myself) shake their head at. Yes I'm shaking my head at myself. I'll have the F.E.A.R. about posting this, wont I? Why do I keep asking you questions blogroll? WHO KNOWS. I'm probably mostly pensive and confessional due to the blood alcohol content being at an unfortunate level STILL. I SHOULD PROBABLY JUST STRETCH BACK INTO ABSURDITY WHERE I'M MOST COMFORTABLE, that, and CAPS Lock, caps is my primary source of comedy.... That, my friends, is the secret to comedy... to make funny make BIG. Arint you lolling all over me? oh lols hols. Where did it all go wrong with my comedic career?

Anyway. Apologies, mostly to young Lorna Mc Weenerschnitzel above. She bore the brunt of it. I'm taking offense to everything. OFFENDED. I've strictly instructed her not to read this though, as she'll be grammatically horrified with me. I suspect she's already aware of my dubious relationship with the caps lock. She bought my Mammy flowers once did Lorna Mc Weeney. That was nice of her.

Now everybody hug me, tell me it's all going to be OK, and lettuce never speak of this post again.

PHOTO BY Rory (with the Story) Nugent. From last night with Alan Mc Smiley. Thanks Rory, you made me not look like a mess which was nice of you. You're a nice man you are. With lovely shoes.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mothering Sunday Mornings, Foxy Knoxies, and Elderly Asian Ladyvillians


Currently hidden in my little bedroom with a tummy growl, growl growling for some delightful special K... (if only i could complete that two week challenge I'd finally be skinny FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL) ...but the mother macken has visitors. And SO, I will forge on, and growl and RANT, and rave, (bedrave to THIS) but ALSO, on to my general concerns of this Saturday the 17th of July. I'm worried about Amanda Knox you see. She has CUT HER HAIR. She's also receiving Fan Mail. She's been imprisoned for my entire life span, AND SHE'S FOXY, according to the media, this makes the story extra salacious. Trial by media comes to mind, but I'm pleased we got to know her opinion on the World Cup. At least there's that.

Now my sleep was pestered by a terrifying asian woman brandishing a gun filled with firework bullets that she was shooting at me. Strewn across that gun was a black and white cat. Obviously this relates to me reading the Amanda Knox article before bedlington. But also, due to the fact that I suffer from chronic FMS (fear of Missing Something) it was an anxiety dream relating directly to the monstrosity that I was not out enjoying MY LIFE, but rather was tappa tappa typing to this here blog which I'm sure no one will be reading, at least it's taking me away from my hunger though.

Luckily, anxiety dreams shall be suspended due to the fact that i shall be going to Mother this evening. Located in the bowels of a tremendous hidden gem of copper alley, with it's steel brandished podium separators, ornate wallpaper, covenous low ceilings, and glamorous humans, each week I feel as though I'm stepping into an episode of Dynasty, combined with the good old days when RíRá's Monday Evening Strictly Handbag would see me FORGET ABOUT ALCOHOL in favour of Dancing and drinking pints of water. Wholesome Mack.

Oh visitors are gone! For Cereal. I'm not really a very dedicated blogger am I? This is all a ploy to sustain hunger.

Friday, July 16, 2010

MY FAVES being Fuzzy.

Experimenting WITH THE WONDROUS WORLD OF BLOGLINGTON, I decided to Google me most faves and add drunk to their name in the image search. As you do. I could say it's in reference to THE UNSTAGED PORTRAIT, in relation to my art. And I'm sure, subconciously it is. But MOSTLY. I'm doing it FOR THE FUNSIES. Which is why I do most things. Except when I watch reeling in the years, that is for my forays into masochism.

intriguingly when i started to go for the slightly hipper portion of my faves, the drunken photography became more evasive? do cool people not get wibbly on whiskey? THAT IS MY QUESTION. and so the hip people are absent. I won't mention them. I'm quite comfortable and confident with my exceptional lack of THE COOL, so it's juuuuust fuhhhine. Thanks for mentioning you think i'm super cool though babes. nice of you! have you been drinking?

See I'm already being significant in the BLOGOSPHERE.


My niece... She's an adult now, it's horrendous. Well, she, she was telling me about Valentine's Day. Apparently it's a splendid sojourn into love and life, direct quote.. (i would havard reference it BUT I WAS NEVER ARSED DURING MY MASTERS so why begin i say) "You'd love it Áine! It's like Love Actually, but it's ON VALENTINE'S DAY."

Well you know what? I'm not convinced I would Bláithín Macken Smith. I'm sitting here on my salacious red couch casually not watching hit mooovie Laws of Attraction, oh ho ho it's a lark! They just went to Oireland so they did, Pierce Brosface is from there you know... Lucky Man. From Navan I hear. Which is a palindrome, which I enjoy. Unlike this filum. It's casually ripping my face off actually. And THOUGH I do believe in love. I'm not sure this is the kind of love I was thinking about. BUT HARK, Julianne Moore is in it. Do you know what Julianne Moore is also in? Correct! Far from Heaven. A. Good. Film. Very Good Indeed. One of the best films actually. If you ask me. Probably a lot better of a reflection of the actual complexities of loving someone. That all sounds frightfully archaic and uninteresting though doesn't it.(question mark un-necessary due to complete rhetoricality of that statement) Erich Fromm's "The Art of Love", sounds like a guide to the mysteries of the clitoris (WHICH IT COULD BE), but no no, I jest, he is a psychoanalyst who speaks at length about the potency and significance of LOVE
"Giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, I experience my strength, my wealth, my power. This experience of heightened vitality and potency fills me with joy. I experience myself as overflowing, spending, alive, hence as joyous. Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of my aliveness."
I'm not sure the Laws of Attraction is giving me anything. It is a dubiously soothing background noise though. i think it's the smooshy swooshy music. I'm glad my life is not smooshy swooshy. It's full of AGONY and TERROR and laughter and drinks and irritation and embarrassment and tastes and joys and soft soft skin and warm baths and delicately dropping various things on my tongue. Incidentally, all this mention of giving reminds me of my birthday fast approaching..... WINK WINK. I'll update this blog thing about Mackey Monster soon. Yes I will.

KISSES. Ooooh blog cherry POPPED. I'm only 14 years behind all the KUL KIDZ (sp?)